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Snap, SET, Go! Art of Simple Breath, Tap & Release


Snap, SET, Go! Do you have challenges to quickly releasing emotions, thoughts, and/or feelings? These simple breathing and gently tapping steps to help children overcome some emotional wellness challenges. The origin of this technique came from my 3 decades in education, where I found that, in this day and age, children go on the internet and have such easy access to social media and other learning Apps but there’s a balance that’s missing. I feel that as educators, we don’t do a good enough job of treating them like people, sometimes. These children struggle ultimately with releasing certain stressors from Social Media and that also come from being in an environment where, us as educators, we are sometimes a little stern, and they don’t feel necessarily accepted by the adult or comfortable enough to express all of what they are feeling due to the many interactions of the day. Many, bury it inside. Whether it be at home, at school or in the community; children have feelings, fears, reluctance, challenges just like we do. My goal is to help them release these many emotions that are bottled up inside of them so that they have more space in their minds to feel less burdened and have more space to learn new materials and to be able to and make distinctions. Join me as I teach you these powerful yet simple steps that I developed for my clients between our appointments.


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