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Snap, SET, Go!

Have you tried out level one of the online program for free?

Do you have 9 to 90 seconds? Here's the synopsis:

1 - Snap your fingers.

2 - breathe in deeply in your lower belly for 3 seconds

3 - hold for 2 seconds while you relax your shoulders

4 - exhale for 4 seconds

5 - Scan your body

6 - go back to step one :)

What if you could go deeper and be more effective? Once you have mastered this first level, let's incorporate :

1 - breathe in deeply for 3 seconds and feel the air going in through your nostrils as you tap on your collarbone meridian points.

2 - hold for 2 seconds and relax your shoulders as you continue tapping on collarbone meridian points.

3 - exhale for 4 seconds and allow all tension in your body to be released and let it go as you continue to tap on the meridian points.

4 - scan your body to see where the resistance might be.

**Do another 9 seconds! Enjoy Releasing more!

Here are different meridian points you can tap on to keep your amygdala calm so you can take conscious decisions instead of reacting to the event or situation.

Practice when you are calm so that when your are triggered your go to is this technique because your brain has been trained to come here.

I'd love to hear how this is helping you and if you have any questions.

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