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Are you ready to embrace a more holistic and calm approach to life? Do you want to be part of an uplifting community with hands-on Practices to bring you to a calmer and more centred everyday life?
I guide you through Easy, Fun Techniques using the world renown EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) , my proprietary Snap, SET, Go! and Tollerra Energy Systems (mind-blowing  methodology)  to release what no longer serves you and keep you grounded, replenished and balanced. 
One Live Zoom event per week!  Each event is uniquely curated to bring you the greatest benefit and is exactly what you need to keep you centred as you journey through your week and your life.  Christine uses her intuition and all the tools that helped her take her life from being Stuck into zombie mode to taking daily quality actions in order to co-create the life she now can enjoy!!  It's your turn!  Time to transform your life!  Time to be the best version of you! 

EFTtransformation to Freedom


What are you thankful for today?

Did you know that maintaining a mindset of gratitude helps to ease anxiety? Easier said than done, right? 

In this weekly practice we will focus on releasing Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts that are keeping you stuck and feeling unfulfilled.  I will guide you through techniques that will calm the nervous system, rewire the brain and restore the body’s energy so that you feel lighter, calmer and have space to create more of what you desire . LIVE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS! Now that's Freedom!



4 payments of $360! 

Good for life!   

60-day money back guarantee!



One Payment of $1200 

Good for life! 

60-day money back guarantee!


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