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About Me

My Name is Christine Bernat

I like to say, "The new me who feels calm, seen, heard and truly valued!"

I have always felt, deep inside, that there was more to who I was, past the identity that I felt was expected of me and the one I had come to expect from myself. I have come to realize that as a child, many spoken and unspoken expectations stifled and disconnected me from who I was. This is due to many expectations and “limiting” beliefs from television, my parents, culture and society.

After teaching elementary school for almost 30 years, I finished with a burnout: chronic fatigue, major depression, Fibromyalgia, weighing only 97 lbs, Reynolds disease, and PTSD in 2017.  By February 2018, things were so bad, I needed a sacro-lombard support to stand up, couldn’t interact in a conversation for more than a couple of minutes, needed everything to be quiet...and the list goes on and on. 


When I found EFT in 2019 and later Tollerra Energy Systems my life changed completely! My mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual health improved by leaps and bounds as I released many traumas, fears including anger issues, my frustrations as a child, being me, and so much more. You may wonder, how can anyone be afraid to be themselves, easy, we attach to an identity that is not our fundamental self; expectations of others, the need to be loved by our parents, our siblings as well as not feeling safe to be our selves just to name a few. In my opinion being able to be supported where we feel safe enough to release the conscious and unconscious traumas and our old upbringing in some cases is essential to live in freedom and harmony in our lives & our families. 




By Mahatma Gandhi



In 2019, I took a course to re-parent myself! Why? Even though my parents nice people and are loved by many, they did not have the skills to raise a confident, free spoken child. So when i raised my children, well ... they both have anxiety, they both lack self it's easy for me to see this is because I had those lacks. That's why I needed to reparent my self. My dad hadn't spoken to me nor had he treated me equally in the fifteen years prior. With Conscious Parenting by Dr, Shefali, EFT and Tollerra, I was able to see and release the traumas, expectations and never thought I would be able to "fix" my relationship with my dad. I had given up a long time ago and was just doing my thing! Now we enjoy going hiking!! 

He tells me over and over that I have good ideas!! 

He says, I hadn't thought of that, thank you Christine 










My desire to empower you to step into your best self,

living the live you so desire comes from my own experience

and how it actually took me many years to release my fears.

I am now connected to my soul’s purpose and take conscious steps in my own life so that I  feel fulfilled beyond what I thought was possible all by releasing and dissipating the many layers of conscious and unconscious fears I was unknowingly walking around with on a daily basis! What a transformation to Freedom!


I wish I’d had someone to help me with everything that was going on in my life! Allow me the opportunity to help you be the best you, so you can confidently become the success you were designed to be!


Life is full of twists and turns, some expected and some unexpected. At times it is simple to navigate forward, but at other times it is easy to get stuck. It is good to know that help is easily accessible in those moments. 


By Angie Stoker

Are you listening to the whispers in your life? Are you waiting for the tornado, like I did! I definitely don't wish that on anyone! I went from climbing Mount Washington to being unable to walk without a sacro-lombard support, reading more that three to four words gave me a headache as well as conversations more than a few minutes exhausted me. I was sleeping 14-18 hours per day. Yes, I was a mess! The important word here is WAS! Now, I have my own business. I enjoy outdoor sports again, I am able to take courses and guide others to leave "what they no longer need" behind and embrace a life with more harmony by bringing them to discover how to be the Best Version of Yourself with confidence and feeling fulfilled!


I’m a heart-centred intuitive, Certified EFT Master and member of the AEFTP (Association of Emotional Freedom Techniques Professionals). I have also completed the TOLLERA Mastery Certification with Outstanding Performance in Journey of the Healer and Conscious Parenting Mastery Certification. This last one may seem odd. However, it has been an essential part of my success to transform my childhood hurts as well as my relationship with myself and others. 


My gentle and supportive practices help dissipate emotional blockages, traumas, unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs, phobias and so much more. My specialty is releasing whatever is keeping you stuck. I’m relentless in the pursuit of removing barriers that limit your potential to thrive and feel fulfilled. 


Utilizing my intuitive capabilities, EFT and Tollerra techniques, as well as my proprietary program Snap, SET, Go, I empower you to transform your life and be the best version of yourself by releasing what no longer serves you, and teaching you self-care tools that will serve you in the years to come. 


What does it look like for you to Truly connect and have fun with your inner child so you feel confident and empowered to be taking quality actions? How would your life change?


Today I am so grateful for my journey and it’s many heartbreaking challenges, as it is what helps me understand my clients without judging them!  


Here is what some of my clients are saying… 

“Christine is very intuitive, gentle, funny, and inviting. I had a great session and released quite a bit of stuck energy. Highly recommended”.  

Brian M. - 


“I have been working with Christine for several weeks and the transformation is real! The deep, intense healing has shifted my life. My calls with her are a fun, wild, emotional journey and I appreciate the care and sensitivity she offers as well as her gift of healing. I highly recommend Christine!”

Sue B. - 


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