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Snap, SET, Go!

A quick Emergency Technique to help you stay grounded and in the present moment.

Are you looking for an Easy Fun Technique to learn to move your mind in a snap or two and get your power back?  Well, at least your common sense!

Do you get easily triggered by others or even just your personal fears? Well, let me tell you, you are not alone!  That’s right! I developed this technique so my clients would have a quick go-to tool.  Some have incorporated it into other techniques. You can even adapt it to best suit you.

What if you could easily and quickly release stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and frustration to get back in the present moment? How would your life change?

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What it is:  

A quick, fun and easy way to GET YOUR POWER BACK. It’s a go to tool to get you centered and anchored back into the present moment.

Where to use it: 

  • Wherever you are, and when you notice you are being triggered RIGHT NOW!

  • In bed, on the bus, at the dining table , in a conversation that is escalating.

  • Anytime. Anywhere

Who is it For?

Anyone and Everyone, especially highly sensitive children. To find out if your child is highly sensitive, please subscribe to my website for a free gift that will provide you with that insight.

Why use it:

  • To develop a habit of returning to your inner power within seconds

    To keep you from going into “survival mode” keeping you in the Present moment!

  • To calm the amygdala which takes you out of survival mode.

  • To release some tension in your body

  • So highly sensitive people can identify what may be causing their energy drain. Is it yours or not?

When to use it:

  • Everyday as you wake up! Check in, how do you feel? Want to hide under the blankets?

  • To get out of survival mode.

  • Especially if you are not a morning person or just woke up from a nightmare

  • You are learning to notice what triggers you. Pay attention to sounds, smells, voices, facial expressions, someone’s stance, body language, specific words, sensations, feelings, tastes….

  • Right off the bat, as soon as you start being triggered, before you feel overwhelmed, want to run off, yell, or even say words you may regret


This program does not replace the advice of a doctor. This is not a therapy. But more a tool to add to your toolbox to calm down quickly and effectively. However, if you have been through major trauma and are followed by a therapist, you may bring this tool to your appointment and try it out together in a secure environment.
You may also want to book a personalized appointment with me so we can explore more deeply what is going on that is causing you your issues.

Learn to shift your mind in a SNAP!

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